Göz & Söz ile Beden & Ses: Kitapperformans

“The book, here and now, with its author and reader, either uttered or silent, is a performance.”

Bookperformance Manifesto, principle 1/7

In the series of “Eye & I of Body & Sound : Bookperformance”, Çiğdem tells how a book becomes a book while how a writer becomes an author, which is the performance itself.

In this specific bookperformance, the happening focuses on the dynamics from the materiality of book, which comes all the way from trees, to the resonance that a writer hears in the sounds of papers;  from the call of the reader to the struggles of receiving and responding that call with “right” words and giving the “desired” meanings to those words on a page.

For that, she employs the body and the sound of a textual self that transforms itself into the sound and body of an actual self through visual and musical dynamics.

Readers / Audience is welcome to join the performance, which is a very nature of Çiğdem’s “bookperformance”.

Venice International Performance Arts Week
23 May 2015