Read & Write & Act : Bookperformance

“I shall sit down and write myself. I shall write myself just as I am.
Not as if I am summarizing yourself but as if I am supervising myself”.

MyFace Bookperformance, p.216


In the series of "Read & Write & Act : Bookperformance", Çiğdem shares the constructing stones that are set in Bookperformance Manifesto as the basic understandings and practices on the way to create a bookperformance, thorugh body and sound.

Any platform such as schools that value the books and recognise the significance of creative reading, writing, thinking, learning and teaching are where Çiğdem is happy to reach out and touch the consciousness of others at any age through these sessions which are the indespensable parts of bookperformance practice as it does praise sharing the knowledge, growing together through words whose power is embedded in their sounds and acts.