MyFace Bookperformance - Transparency

In BOOKPERFORMANCE it is significant and priviliged to be able to transfer the movement, sound and rhythm dynamics of a text; therefore, to reach and touch others in other languages with closest possible impacts feeling-wise. That is why there has emerged “ the act of transparenting” of the text. This is done by Çiğdem and another artist/writer (who is as gifted with languages and has a special sensitivity/love for words) who is a native of the target language. 

That is, “through the act of transparenting” the sound effects versus the meaning (mot-a-mot translation) while the struggles as well as the adventures of turning a text from one language into another language becomes the part of the textual performance as well. Thus, the version in another language becomes an updated variation of the original text which naturally is a product of a series of orientations on the way. 

“Transparency” replaces “translation” in BOOKPERFORMANCE, which is an artistic work both on textual levels on the page and through body & sound on the stage. 

Some audi-visual documentation will be uploaded soon, for now you may read the experience of it by the auidence here: 
Éloge de la Transparence