MyFace Bookperformance

"We are the witnesses that MyFace Book talked. For the first time ever, we have witnessed a book talking. 
First it spoke in Turkish, it sounded beautiful. Then we heard it speaking in English and French and German and Latvian and Dutch and Sweedish and Finnish... For the first time ever, we have heard such a fundamentally deep talk in several languages. For the first time ever, a book has been so talkative and functional not only in the form and structure but also in the text and texture. We are the witnesses that MyFace Book became a bookperformance each time it was uttered".

MyFace Bookperformance, p.394

MyFace Book is the first bookperformance in its textuality that is ready to get alive thanks to reading together and out-loud as well as with the word-acts. Cigdem has been doing bookperformances by bringing the author and the reader (may they be musicians or singers, dancers or thinkers, students or book lovers) together on and off stage,so as to bring life to MyFace Book as well Yüzüm Kitap (the Turkish face and phase of the same book).
Witnessing Text / Call of Bookperformance: