Letters & Rests & Sounds : Bookperformance

© Victoriano Moreno, 2021
Cy Mirol invites you to a bookperformance event at Hopscotch Reading Room as part of Berlin Art Week events. It is a time and space to act the words by reading them aloud in several languages, so to perform the book by giving sounds and rests to the letters in it.

These letters are not only the letters in several languages in several alphabets, but also the letters that we send to each other, such as love letters. In the case of bookperformance love is transferred between the author and the reader with the following call: “Shall we reinvent love?”

Cy Mirol uses body movements and what is left behind in invisible forms of feelings as praised tools to express and transfer this love during the act of reading the word in diverse languages.

You are welcome to join, create and enjoy this literary and artistic event all together with the magical presence of books, languages and cultures in a heartwarming space of literature and arts: Hopscotch Reading Room.

14 September 2022

Teaser below is created by Eléonore Coyette. It is both a documentation and an invitation to the author-reader-bookperformances Cy Mirol has been doing (thus touching the others about the values in reading, writing, and co-creating) for more than a decade now.