I & Eye of Body & Sound : Bookperformance

".../Solidus/...a solitary, single and simple stone or got sunstroke.../ Stroke/...so many images of humans amongst so many stones.../Stroke/... lose the sight of all those.../Solidus/...never forget those of stones.../ Stroke/...the items of a solitary collection.../Solidus/...put them each in small bags.../Slash/...put the small bags in a stone box.../Slash/...not like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.../"

MyFace Bookperformance, p.82

In the series of “I & Eye of Body & Sound : Bookperformance”, Çiğdem tells how a notebook becomes a book while how a reader becomes a writer, which is the performance itself. Readers / Audience is welcome to join the performance, which is a very nature of Çiğdem’s “bookperformance”.

This specific bookperformance (that happened in the context Rock Strangers Make Sense To Me project) focuses on the body and the movement and its sounds that are challenged by another body (“rock”  by Arne Quinze) and its stillness and silence in this case. The sounds and movements that were created by other artist in the project contribute to the unity of the happenning created alltogether.

Shootings done at Melens & Dejardin.