Body & Sound of Eye & I: Bookperformance

In the series of “Body & Sound of I & Eye (You): Bookperformance”, Çiğdem tells how a book becomes a book, which is the performance itself. From the daydreams of a writer, to the voices a writer hears in the head and wants to catch, from the runnig letters on a page to the struggles of catching them and writing the “right” words and giving the “desired” meanings to those words on a page. For that, she employs the body and the sound of a textual self that transforms itself into the sound and body of an actual self through visual and musical dynamics. Readers / Audience is welcome to join the performance, which is a very nature of Çiğdem’s “bookperformance”.

Here is a link to the festival hosting this bookperformance:

14 October 2021
Performance, Conversations, Drinks

Wijnegemstraat 27, 2140 Antwerpen

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