Çiğdem has been doing BODY & SOUND OF I & EYE (U): BOOKPERFORMANCE events since her first book MyFace Bookperformance was published in Turkish (2012), and then self-published (for the sake of enabling the research) in English (2014)ON-AIR events focus on “the voice” and act of reading. IN-PERSON events (known as Author-Readers Performances as well) focus on “here&now” thus on the interactions in a specific “space&time” through act of reading as well as acting. ON-STAGE events focus on both textual and actual “body&sound” as well as constructing a tangible artwork together, thus the whole communication/interaction is concluded with a co-creation that is painting / drawing / writing or working on the installation together with the audience / readers. The main text that is employed in these on stage events in several languages which enable diverse movements is “Rise Through Silence” (2017) written by Çiğdem as a call to touch the collective consciousness through acts of reading and writing. The co-created artworks are exhibited (BODY & SOUND expo) and sold with the revenue of which trees are planted. Visit instagram / @bookperformance which serves as an archive for detailed audio-visual documentation.