In 2021, Çiğdem’s work has been put into light as part of BILY 2021 (Brussels I Love You Art Walk) that focused on emerging young female artists in Belgium in its 2021 edition. Upon being appreciated, her exhibition was prolonged to meet the art lovers and private collectors during Art Brussels 2021, and BRUNEAF 2021.

In this exhibition, Çiğdem presented her “Gymnopédies” that are inspired by Erik Satie’s notes. It is a journey, as known, with 3 milestones and Çiğdem subtitles/subnames them as follows:

Gymnopédies 1 :   “Blissed Encounters” (2 pieces), “The Serendipitious Light” (1 piece), “The Fool Streaming” (1 piece)
Gymnopédies 2 :   “Patience (1 piece) & Passion” (1 pieces)
Gymnopédies 3 :   “The Gardener” (2 pieces) & “The Wanderer” (2 pieces)

All the pieces have been sold on descent prices, which followed some commisions and orders as well.

29 May 2021, 6pm-8pm
Classical Music & Drinks
Tribute to Erik Satie

29 May -29 August

Rue de L’Abbaye 8b 1050 – Bruxelles