Çiğdem draws / paints soundwaves and lightwaves; thus makes the invisible visible within its movements and what it leaves behind as feelings by embodying it in lines and colours. This specific visual language is based on her experience in synesthesia thanks to which she has created her own unique alphabet and employing it alongside all the other alphabets she knows and is learning. Her art on paper and canvas with diverse media took place in some collective exhibitions in some festivals and were exhibited in the context of her bookperformance events between the years 2011 and 2021. In 2021, her paintings of Gymnopédies (from Satie) was put into light within the context of BILY (Brussels I Love You) Art Walk that focused on young female artists from Belgium. This was followed by  A Love Supreme (from Coltrane) and Hallelujah (from Cohen) exhibitions. Hallelujah series are created and sold to touch and enhance the lives of children without families. Çiğdem’s act of painting and drawing is rather private, created in her total solitude, as it requires an intensive concentration. However, her live-painting performances which are done in public are rather social. Just like her books and performances praise co-creation these live-paintings also invite and encourage others to be part of the artwork which eventually is enchanced/autheticated by Çiğdem, in her solitude. Visit instagram/@bookperformance which serves as an archive for detailed visual documentation of the artworks that have been exhibited and/or sold.