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Çiğdem y MİROL (TR/BE) has been developing BOOKPERFORMANCE as an artistic and literary concept as well as a world-view. As a writer, painter and performance artist, she challenges the body and the sound of a textual self that transforms itself into the sound and body of an actual self through visual and musical dynamics. She does BOOKPERFORMANCE events to the creation process of which readers of all kinds are all-ways invited. Çiğdem’s experience in academia (research) and journalism (art&literary critic); theatre (director&puppeteer) and visual arts (creative director&curator); psychology (therapy&coaching) and teaching (academic&creative); translation (literary&business) and readership (reader&thinker) laid the concept’s fundamental values which are stated in its manifesto. Apart from her literary and artistic activities, Çiğdem is pursing her academic research (ongoing PhD) in literary studies (arts & philosophy) while also giving sessions of creative and academic reading, thinking, writing based on the BOOKPERFORMANCE concept.