MyFace Book

MyFace Book (2014) is the 1st Book-Performance and 1st part of Çiğdem y Mirol QUARTET

The opening scene of it is a fictional letter sent by the beloved author to the beloved reader(s) by exclaiming “Shall we reinvent love?” It goes through its turning scenes that are named as “The Lost Author”, “The Empty Notebook” and “The White Pencil”, all of which together compose "All of Myself" that urges the book to happen to be its own performance. And it’s closing scene is “Bookperformance Manifesto” that introduces “bookperformance” both as a world view as well as an artistic and literary expression/concept.
Transparented (not translated) from Yüzüm Kitap (2012) by Çiğdem y Mirol, Özge Wambach and Thomas Alkins. Cover design: Orkun Kızıltay, photograph: François Brigode, concept/indesign: Çiğdem y Mirol.

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