MyFace Book

MyFace Book (2014) is the first Bookperformance as a textual body. It is the first piece of Çiğdem y Mirol QUARTET that is made up of 4 texts in this genre. As its name suggests, MyFace Book invites readers to do some critical-creative thinking about the impacts of social media on the printed book. It has been “transparented” from its Turkish version: (Yüzüm Kitap, 2012) by Çiğdem y Mirol, Özge Wambach and Thomas Alkins. In Bookperformance, “transparency” replaces and upgrades translation by attending to the sound and rhythm of the word as much as its meaning in the world. 
Its Aesthetic Performance: MyFace Book’s performance on page starts with an opening scene comprises a letter sent by the beloved author to the beloved reader(s) asking them “Shall We Reinvent Love?”  It goes through a series of scenes called  “The Lost Author”, “The Empty Notebook”  and “The White Pencil”, all of which together compose the scene “All of Myself” that urges the reader act on the performance of the book. And its closing scene, called the Bookperformance Manifesto  (11.11.11), introduces bookperformance not only as a worldview but as an artistic and literary expression in 7 items. 

Its Socio-Cultural Performance: Unlike its Turkish version (2012) MyFace Book (2014) was self-published mainly to enable the academic research around the international reception of Bookperformance in practice. It was set for a performance 10 years to find its editor: 2014-2024. A decade is an interesting length of time to observe how the publishing authorities perceive this authentic authorship journey of a contemporary writer and artist in becoming an author. This time period is also valuable to get the necessary feedback from its public reception and participation. Once this time period has elapsed, MyFace Book will be fine-tuned in its transparency and re-published together with the other 3 pieces of the QUARTET. All the pieces together tell a unique artistic authorship performance which naturally integrates into the history of authorship.

The Resonance of Its Aesthetic and Socio-Cultural Orientations: Performances.