©Monika Deimling, 2015

BOOKPERFORMANCE is an artistic and literary concept. It tells the story of how a writer turns into an author and it showcases the transformation of a notebook into a book. Both of these are achieved mainly by giving life to the text through multi-media, which fosters a solitary individual’s desire to write as a means of sharing and co-existing with the reader/audience. All this naturally touches the collective consciousness through the act of co-creating.

BOOKPERFORMANCE has the potential to become a worldview with practical and theoretical foundations. Practical as an artistic and literary expression, because it is realized through creative texts, improvised acts as well as visuals embodying sounds. Theoretical as a literary discourse, because it is mainly responding to the following which help understand both the individual and the society: The Absurd, The Absolute Self, Authorship, Intelligence, Language, Love, Orientation, Performance, Political Epistemology, Readership and Resonance.

More specifically, what is interpreted as “absurd” by the collective unconscious is potentially an inevitable source of some socio-political knowledge that could contribute to a possible shift in the collective consciousness. Due to the de/constructive re/orientations that digitization and globalization have brought about in how verbal communication is performed, “the absolute self” (as the essence of love) -which resonates more “normal” (!) in the consciousness- comprises the driving force in BOOKPERFORMANCE: “we are all one”. This idea is practiced, both on the page and on the stage, with the author and the reader, through “sharing the authority”, “transference of love” and “co-creation” with a close attention to multiplicity, diversity and transparency as set in the 7 universal principles in the Bookperformance Manifesto