©Monika Deimling, 2015

“Bookperformance” is an artistic and literary concept as well as a world-view. It is both practical and theoretical.

Practical, because it text-ually, aur-ally, act-ually and vis-ually gets realized as an artistic expression. Theoretical, because it is academically/ideally reflecting the philosophy of “The Weird & The Absurd” (source of inspiration: Camus & Descartes) as a literary discourse. It praises 1 core value: sharing the authorial and communal roles, with sincere regards to multiplicity and diversity, as well as transparency and love both in art and in life, as set in 7 universal principles in Bookperformance Manifesto. Viewed or not, it has 4 components: book, author, reader and performance. It does not only explore the possibility of an evenly developed relationship between the book and the performance but also the possible transference of love between the author and the reader.

It has 3 states which reciprocally represent and/or substitute each other: Book-Performance, Author- Reader-Performance, Reader-Author-Performance.