©Monika Deimling, 2015

BOOKPERFORMANCE is an artistic and literary concept. The story it tells is how a writer becomes an author. The performance it showcases is how a book becomes a book as an object in its materiality while how the desire of writing starts within the solitude of oneself and becomes a means of sharing (mainly through ritualization of text) thus co-existing, which insdispensibly touches the collective consciousness through the act of co-creating. BOOKPERFORMANCE has potentials to become a world-view which has both practical and theoretical foundations. Practical as an artistic and literary expression, because it is realized through creative texts, acts on stage and on page as well as visuals embodying sounds. Theoretical as a literary discourse, because it is mainly responding to the following philosophical discussions and/or debates in the field of psychology: “The Absurd” (Camus)“The Absolute Self” (Descartes),  “Language” (Barthes, Derrida, Kristeva)“Love” (Lacan, Jung), “Orientation” (Stegmaier) “Performativity” (Butler, Nietzsche) and “Political Epistemology” (Socrates). More specifically, what is received as “absurd” by the collective unconscious in its own time is potentially an inevitable source of some socio-political knowledge that could contribute into a possible shift in the collective consciousness. Due to the de/constructive re/orientations that the internet and the globalization brought about in the ways verbal communication is performed, “the absolute self” (as an existential phenomenon that always draws attention to the phenomenon of “love”) which has become “absurd” within time yet now regaining its “normal”(?!) presence in the consciousness is the driving force in BOOKPERFORMANCE: “we are all one”. This is practiced, both on the page and on the stage, through “sharing the authority”, “transference of love” and “co-creation” with sincere regards to multiplicity, diversity and transparency as set in 7 universal principles in Bookperformance Manifesto which is not only an outcome of the basis of the academic research behind the concept but also a “foothold” for it.